Resolution Arch Linux 32 as associated project

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Tue Mar 5 15:58:14 UTC 2019

Jimmy Kaplowitz writes ("Re: Resolution Arch Linux 32 as associated project"):
> In such a circumstance, the SPI Board will, in its good-faith
> discretion, proceed as follows: the Board will identify one or more
> other SPI associated projects or 501(c)(3) charities which can accept
> the project's assets and use them for a similar purpose, and transfer
> the assets to the identified destination or destinations as feasible.
> Assets for which no such transfer can be arranged within a reasonable
> time will become part of the SPI general fund.
> How does that sound? I realize that "within a reasonable time" relies on
> the discretion noted at the start of my proposed paragraph, but so does
> your wording (e.g. "try to identify" / "failing that").

Fine by me.


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