Issue #17: spi-general mailing list unreachable

Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Fri Apr 2 14:40:06 UTC 2021

Le 2021-03-29 à 10:01, Michael Schultheiss a écrit :
> Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>> * Philippe Cloutier <chealer at> [2021-03-27 13:11]:
>>> I am sorry to inform you that the spi-general mailing list has visibly been
>>> unreachable, for at least 40 hours. I personally sent a mail to
>> I noticed the same problem recently and opened a ticket but so
>> received no reply.
>> I'm worried that board at doesn't work since it's (IIRC) also
>> a mailing list; copying Stephen and Michael directly.
> This should now be resolved - apologies for the delay in responding due
> to issues with the list software.

Thank you very much Michael. Thanks also to Martin Michlmayr, and to 
Robert Brockway for acknowledging reception of my report.

Although it is clear that Michael's actions have helped, I am 
unfortunately under the impression that this issue is not fully fixed 
yet. From the replies which reached me, I can't explain why the 
following still don't show on spi-general's archives:

 1. Michael Schultheiss's 2021-03-29 9:52 "Re: [SYSADM #4825] AutoReply:
    Issue #17: spi-general mailing list unreachable"
 2. Michael Schultheiss's 2021-03-29 9:58 "Re: [SYSADM #4825] AutoReply:
    Issue #17: spi-general mailing list unreachable"
 3. Michael Schultheiss's 2021-03-29 10:01 "Re: Issue #17: spi-general
    mailing list unreachable", to which this mail replies
 4. Robert Brockway's 2021-03-31 03:45 "Re: Issue #17: spi-general
    mailing list unreachable"

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Philippe Cloutier

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