Issue #16: Vague contact information for Open Voting Foundation associated project

Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Sat Jul 10 14:32:13 UTC 2021

Le 2021-06-02 à 07:25, Martin Michlmayr a écrit :
> * Philippe Cloutier <chealer at> [2021-03-25 20:49]:
>> gives
>> little clue about ways to reach the Open Voting Foundation. Thanks
>> to the uncommon last name, I am guessing the project's liaison is
>> the following Alan Dechert, which claims to work at Open Source
>> Voting Group and at Open Voting Consortium:
> Yes, I can confirm that this is SPI's contact for Open Voting Foundation.
> The email is firstname at
> I asked Alan in 2018 whether Open Voting Foundation on the SPI web
> site should be renamed to Open Voting Consortium and he indicated it
> shouldn't change for now; maybe this should be revisited now.  As
> you point out, there's no web site for Open Voting Foundation.

Many thanks once again Dr Michlmayr,

I requested my LinkedIn account to be connected with Alan Dechert's on 
2021-06-03, with the following explanatory note:

> Greetings M. Dechert,
> I am curious about the Open Voting Foundation, which I understand has 
> yourself as its SPI liaison. Would you be able to provide an email 
> address which can be shared with SPI members to contact either the 
> Open Voting Foundation or you individually?

I unfortunately still haven't heard back and my request remains pending 
a month later.

The Open Voting Foundation has a very earlywebsite:

That website hasn't progressed in the last month.

SPI's latest annual report contains the following, which is the latest 
published update from the Open Voting Foundation:

> 5.3.15  Open Voting
> We are working on ensuring support for open source voting in the 
> California state budget, to be finalizedin the coming months. We’re 
> not waiting for this, but leap-frogging to our international campaign 
> for opensource voting.
> Submitted by Alan Dechert

If SPI wishes to remain associated with the Open Voting Foundation and 
cannot provide any contact information, I recommend its page about the 
Open Voting Foundation be somehow modified to reflect the foundation's 
questionable status.

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Philippe Cloutier

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