Resolution 2021-06-14.mcs.3: Removing Performance Co-Pilot as an associated project

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at
Mon Jun 14 02:59:17 UTC 2021

The following resolution is proposed for the 2021-06-14 SPI board

Resolution 2021-06-14.mcs.2: 
Removing Performance Co-Pilot as an associated project


1. Performance Co-Pilot is currently an SPI associated project.

2. The Performance Co-Pilot liaisons have notified SPI that Performance
Co-Pilot has joined the OpenCollective Foundation.

3. Performance Co-Pilot no longer requires or intends to use the
services which SPI provides to associated projects, such as receiving
donations, except with respect to the management of assets currently
held by SPI for Performance Co-Pilot.

4. Performance Co-Pilot wishes to transfer its assets held by SPI to the
OpenCollective Foundation, to the extent not spent before the transfer
is completed.

5. OpenCollective Foundation has been recognized by the IRS as exempt
from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue


1. Performance Co-Pilot is removed from the list of SPI associated

2. SPI will endeavor in good faith to transfer all assets currently held
by SPI for Performance Co-Pilot to the OpenCollective Foundation within
a reasonable time from the date of approval of this resolution.

3. SPI will no longer actively seek donations on behalf of Performance

4. This is subject to any undischarged obligations SPI may have with
respect to Performance Co-Pilot. We are not aware of any such
undischarged obligations. We ask anyone who is aware of any to notify us
within 30 days of this resolution.

Michael Schultheiss
E-mail: schultmc at
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