SPI Board Meeting Reminder: Friday, April 20th, 19:00UTC

Neil McGovern neilm at spi-inc.org
Tue Apr 17 13:42:32 UTC 2007


Apologies for the delay in sending this out. I've now set various reminders so
that it shouldn't be late again.


The Board of Directors of Software in the Public Interest, Inc., will
hold a public board of directors meeting on April 20th, 19:00UTC
Please note that this is one hour earlier in UTC to allow for daylight savings.

At time of writing, there is one set of minutes to approve.

SPI meetings are held on the OFTC IRC network, irc.oftc.net, in #spi.

1. Opening
2. Roll call
3. President's report (Bdale Garbee)
4. Treasurer's report (Josh Berkus)
5. Secretary's report (Neil McGovern)
6. Spanish Trademark report (Neil McGovern)
7. Outstanding minutes
   March 16th, 2007
8. Items up for discussion:
   1. Debian Logo Licence
9. Next board meeting - TBC

The agenda for the meeting is also available at

More information on SPI meetings can be found at

Neil McGovern
Secretary, Software in the Public Interest, Inc.
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