Bylaws Revision: BOD, Officers, Amendments [1]

Nils Lohner lohner at
Sun Jun 6 14:52:23 UTC 1999

[These three we can do in one shot, the changes are minor. --Nils]

  Mostly OK, but need to clarify that the BOD should consist of 8-12 
members, four of which shall be the officers.

- Simply change the first sentence to read as follows: 

The business of this organization shall be managed by a Board of Directors 
consisting of eight to 12 members, four of which shall be the officers of 
this organization.

  Need to move the names of officers into an appendix so it can be changed 
without a membership vote.  The rest is fine.

- Remove the names of the officers
- Add an appendix which contains the names of the current officers and their 
positions.  This appendix shall also state:
  This section shall be modified to contain the names of the current 
officers of the organization when necessary, and shall not require a vote 
beyond the approval of the resolution appointing the officers.

  This is fine, but need to add that amendments to the appendices only 
require a 2/3 BOD approval, or something like that (i.e. if the BOD 
membership changes or the officer positions change, a vote should not even 
be needed to modify the appropriate appendix- this needs to be stated 

- Add text to allow easy modification of appendices
  Appendices containing organizational information shall not require a vote 
of the membership for modification.  They may be modified by a 2/3 vote of 
the Board of Directors, unless otherwise stated therein.

I think that this is all that needs changing.  I'll put out a final text 
with _all_ bylaws modifications the week after next, and then if noone has 
any more objections/comments, then we'll get it voted on.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping with the bylaws!


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