Debian UK trademark - draft resolution 2005-08-25.iwj.1

Philip Hands phil at
Fri Aug 26 08:57:47 UTC 2005

Ian Jackson wrote:
> For the next Board meeting, or for email voting if Phil wants it
> sooner.

The only need for urgency is that we are in the throws of trying to set up
the bank account.

We can either wait until you make your decision before setting up an
account containing the D word, or we could go ahead with the paperwork on
the understanding that we'll not actually make use of it until your
decision, and that if it is decided that Debian-UK should not be allowed to
use the mark, we'll discard the account.

If you can vote via email in short order, fair enough, but I think I'd
rather have a decision that has had all its Ts crossed, and Is dotted, on
the basis that a certain person will use any deviation from established
practice as an excuse for screaming bloody murder on every list in the project.

Since the people who will be signatories on the bank account are all going
to be physically present at Steve's barbecue tomorrow:

we were planning on doing the paperwork then.  I think we can safely
continue with that (on the basis that I can always shred it) but I'll hold
off actually sending anything to the bank until I either get full approval,
or at least until I get the definite impression that there is conditional
approval of doing the account setup in advance of a full decision.

Cheers, Phil.

P.S. Thanks for that Ian :-)
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