[Spi-private] Re: Process problem with the election.

Joshua D. Drake jd at commandprompt.com
Fri Jul 14 14:32:33 UTC 2006

Toni Mueller wrote:
> Hello,
> [ I left the awkward cross-posting in place ]
> On Thu, 13.07.2006 at 21:14:28 -0700, Joshua D. Drake <jd at commandprompt.com> wrote:
>> Bruce Perens wrote:
>>> And that will make my work evangelizing government and other folks 
>>> outside of the community harder, because we have just given CompTIA and 
>>> Microsoft excellent ammunition to use in FUDing whether or not the 
>>> community even cares about the things I'm talking about.
>> Those that really matter, will look at the record of events whether good 
>> or bad.
> I don't really understand what you want to say there, but while I do
> think that Bruce makes a good job for an evangelist, I'm currently
> impartial about whether this would also make him a good SPI president.
> But the PR stuff *is* very important. We should not underestimate it.

I was saying that I think Bruce was overreactiving and that those who 
matter will read deeper then some microsoft (and definately slashdot) post.

I am not underestimating anything :). I don't think there is any 
question as to whether what Bruce does outside the SPI is important.


Joshua D. Drake

> Anyway, I was able to scrape enough neuron activity to extract a
> working URL for all platforms, and read them (all), so...
> Best,
> --Toni++


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