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MJ Ray mjr at
Tue Jan 16 19:13:54 UTC 2007

Ian Jackson <ijackson at> wrote:
> Draft resolution 2007-01-16.iwj.1.  This is pursuant to MJ Ray's
> "membership communication" item and should probably be treated as a
> proposed amendment to that part of MJ Ray's proposal:
> [...]
> 3. It is good practice to set a deadline for submission of new
>    business, and to list the business to be conducted in meeting
>    announcements.

It may be good to set a deadline for resolution proposals, but it
doesn't seem good practice to try to deadline new business.

>     by T-5 days: Meeting reminder announcement, sent by email,
>                  containing complete list of non-emergency business to
>                  be conducted (NB, _containing_ not _linking to_).

Ow.  So that's Thursday evening in the current model?  I'd struggle to
reschedule if I don't know until then that something I want to oversee
is being discussed.  Please, T-8 (Monday before) at latest.

> 6. For emergency agenda items, [...]

Agreed.  A documented emergency item rule would be good.

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