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Thomas S Hatch thatch45 at
Thu May 5 17:10:45 UTC 2011

Hello, my name is Thomas S Hatch,

I am a Community Developer (Trusted User) for the Arch Linux project and
have been asked by the project leader, Aaron Griffin, to look into Arch
Linux joining SPI.

Arch Linux is a large Linux distribution made up of over 50 developers and
has a thriving community and user base.

Right now we are looking into the best way to accept financial contributions
and SPI appears to be a great choice.

If I can, I would like to ask a few questions:

1. Would Arch Linux be eligible to join SPI?
2. Could we be considered in conflict with Debian since we are both Linux
distributions (Hopefully we can improve cross distribution collaboration!)?
3. My understanding is that money is held and managed by SPI and then we
would request it, is there a document on the process?
4. As far as I can tell joining is simply the act of being voted in and an
application, what else is required and is there a document on it?

I am still reading through the mailing lists for information and I will have
more questions, but I greatly appreciate your answers. Thank you for your
time and I hope that Arch can become a contributer to SPI and continue to
further the interests of open source software.

- Thomas S Hatch
- Arch Linux Trusted User
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