Meeting time - move to 21:30 UTC?

Martin Zobel-Helas zobel at
Mon Oct 17 17:57:28 UTC 2011


On Sun Oct 16, 2011 at 13:09:48 -0700, Jonathan McDowell wrote:
> With DST ending in the northern hemisphere in over the next few weeks it
> would be convenient to me if we moved the meeting time to 21:30 UTC (ie
> keeping it at 13:30 US/Pacific rather than it moving back to 12:30
> US/Pacific). I asked about this on #spi at the last meeting and those
> present said it was fine with them (including Robert, who I believe is
> our only southern hemisphere board member). So, does anyone who was not
> present object to this move?

No objections here.

> (There was also potential discussion about whether we wanted to move the
> day; I believe Martin has a conflicting event every few weeks. I have no
> problem with it remaining Wednesday, but any day other than Tuesday is
> also fine with me.)

Yes, having it an other day than Wednesday would help me actually. I
would be free for every other day of the week, maybe not Saturday
evening, but well, ... :)

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