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Joshua D. Drake jd at
Tue Aug 23 18:02:15 UTC 2016


As mentioned on -private, I joined OSI last week. This week I received 
this email. This is the type of stuff that I think that SPI is greatly 
missing out on; building relationships with its members and the external 

Hello Joshua,

I wanted to personally thank you for recent membership. It is only 
through the contributions of our community that the OSI can continue our 
important work to educate the world about, and increase adoption of, 
open source software.

Please find attached your OSI Individual Membership Card, suitable for 
printing. The OSI participates in a variety of events, and is working 
with our sponsors and affiliates, to provide various benefits for our 
members, such as discounts on conference registrations, books, hardware, 
etc. Your OSI card includes your OSI member number which may be needed 
to receive some of these benefits. Some current examples include:

Free three months subscription to LinuxVoice Magazine with access to 
back-issues (electronic version).
50% off Joomla World Conference.
20% off O'Reily's OSCON registration fees.
10% off Linux Foundation conferences, e.g. LinuxCon and CloudOpen
As a new member you should join the OSI Member Mailing List 
(members at at: You may 
also want to join our other mailing lists that may interest you 
( In addition, please register for our wiki 
( where you can actively participate in 
developing OSI initiatives, join working groups and help define the 
direction for our organization. You may also want to join the OSI's IRC 
channel on Freenode, #osi.

Finally, please keep your eye out for our semi-monthly newsletter which 
provides updates about the OSI, our community and how you can participate.
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