Resolution Arch Linux 32 as associated project

Erich Eckner arch at
Sun Mar 24 17:18:13 UTC 2019

On Tue, 5 Mar 2019, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Jimmy Kaplowitz writes ("Re: Resolution Arch Linux 32 as associated project"):
>> In such a circumstance, the SPI Board will, in its good-faith
>> discretion, proceed as follows: the Board will identify one or more
>> other SPI associated projects or 501(c)(3) charities which can accept
>> the project's assets and use them for a similar purpose, and transfer
>> the assets to the identified destination or destinations as feasible.
>> Assets for which no such transfer can be arranged within a reasonable
>> time will become part of the SPI general fund.
>> How does that sound? I realize that "within a reasonable time" relies on
>> the discretion noted at the start of my proposed paragraph, but so does
>> your wording (e.g. "try to identify" / "failing that").
> Fine by me.
> Ian.


this wording is also ok with me, however, Enlish is not my first language, 
so my opinion might be not that important here :-)

However, I wanted to ask what the status of the resolution in the 
Subject is? Is the invitation of SPI already official and it is my turn to 
accept it? Or is it still to be approved by the SPI-board?


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