Al Gore goes "Open Source"?

Brent Fulgham bfulgham at
Wed Apr 7 20:23:06 UTC 1999

Ugh!  It's even worse that that.  Look at the page source:

<!-------Attention Open Source Enthusiasts!--------------------
     A special message for Open Source Software enthusiasts:  We are
     very interested in developing content that takes advantage of Open
     Source software such as Linux.   For starters, we are conducting a
     Gore 2000 Linux Screen Saver design competition among volunteers 
     to see who can build the best Gore 2000 Linux screen savers.  If
     you would like to submit a Gore 2000 Linux screen saver for
     consideration, or if you have ideas for this project, please
     send an e-mail to:
     opensource at
     Watch this space for more Open Source ideas and 
     volunteer opportunities.

This must be stopped.

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