[PROPOSAL] Open Source certification

Dean Brettle dean at brettle.com
Sun Apr 11 01:29:42 UTC 1999

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Dean Brettle writes:
>  > Of course, whether a particular license meets the DFSG/OSD is often a
>  > judgement call, but I consider the current OSI board quite qualified to
>  > acts as judges/jury in this context.  However, as things currently
>  > stand, they also act as consultants to the organizations seeking
>  > branding.
> I think you misinterpreted something.  When Eris Raymond was said to
> have been "consulted", they really meant that the OSI board had
> certified.  There was not a traditional "consulting" arrangement as
> most people would understand the word.

Sorry, I did not mean to imply that ESR was being paid as a consultant
or that he had signed a contract, etc.  I just meant that I thought he
or other members of the board had advised Apple on what sorts of
licensing terms would result in certification.  This is a Good Thing
(TM) in my opinion.  The problem I see is that the same people who are
doing the advising on a license are also certifying the same license. 
Combining the two roles can lead to certification based on information
not contained in the license itself.  This can be as innocent as verbal
descriptions of what the terms mean or as ridiculous as "they seem like
nice blokes".  I suspect the former has happened.  I doubt the latter
ever will with the current board members.  But I think separating the
roles would help prevent even the *perception* of it.

Just a suggestion,

-- Dean

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