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On 01/24/2007 03:08 PM, Josh Berkus wrote:
>> So, an ASL-SPI partnership similar to the ffis-SPI one in theory seems
>> a good idea to me.  I ask the next board meeting to state what the
>> requirements and process are for new SPI partnerships, whether they
>> are interested in partners in any particular countries and to contact
>> faw about an ASL-SPI partnership (address in headers).
> I take it that this would be just a pledge for them to pay our expenses in 
> Brazil, and for us to pay theirs in N. America?  

	Yes, I think is is something like that.  Since DebConf4,
is holding Debian's money and every once in a while, Brazilian Debian
Developers request Debian Project Leader (DPL) approval to use the money
to pay for a booth or to make some CDs.  The money is also used in
situations like DebConf reimbursements.

>> About debconf 4: what has happened to the US$ 19k+ invested from
>> ?  I don't remember seeing it on any SPI treasurer reports.
> We have an investment account that hasn't been part of my reports because I'm 
> still working on mastering our checking account.  Beyond that, I'm not sure 
> what you're referring to; I wasn't here in 2003.

	I don't know that also. ;)

	Since the first contact from MJ Ray I was unsure on how to work
on a partnership between and SPI. I tried to contact a few people
from SPI a while ago without any answers. :-(

	With the last change in the Debian Constitution, it seems that
DPL is able to apoint a list of "sister" organizations that can take
care of Debian's money, which is in fact what already happen, because do not use the money without DPL approval and a Brazilian DD
"hint" (which basically means, translating and forwarding mails to the
right people). ;)

	Kind regards,

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