Issue #20: A priori moderation on mailing lists delays message availability

Philippe Cloutier chealer at
Sun Aug 22 13:37:02 UTC 2021

The forwarded mail was eventually cleared:

Unfortunately, the issue persists and remains serious. For example, I 
sent a mail titled "Issue #21: White slashes in page path generally 
invisible (no contrast)" to spi-general on 2021-07-15, which was queued 
for the reason "Message body is too big", and it is still stuck more 
than a month later.

Until a proper solution is implemented, I recommend to increase the 
criteria to trigger a priori moderation and/or add moderation manpower. 
I am available to help with the latter, and willing to do so on a 
volunteer basis.

Le 2021-05-08 à 17:20, Philippe Cloutier a écrit :
> Some of SPI's mailing lists (at least spi-general and spi-private) 
> impose a priori moderation in certain circumstances. A mail sent to 
> "Too many recipients" can trigger such moderation queues. The 
> forwarded message is an example of a message which was directed to 
> such a queue. That message's content shows 4 more messages which 
> presumably suffered the same fate.
> It appears that no matter how one subscribed, these mails will not be 
> relayed until they have been approved. And unfortunately, unless I am 
> missing something, there is also no way to access mails in queues via 
> the web interfaces. Unfortunately, this has an important impact on 
> communication efficiency, as processing delays visibly exceed 1 month 
> in certain cases (the forwarded message is still queued as I write 
> these lines).
> While a proper solution should be implemented, increasing the criteria 
> to trigger a priori moderation and/or adding moderation manpower would 
> mitigate. I volunteer to help with the latter for spi-general.
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> Sujet : 	Re: Issue #17: spi-general mailing list unreachable
> Date : 	Fri, 2 Apr 2021 10:39:58 -0400
> De : 	Philippe Cloutier <chealer at>
> Pour : 	Michael Schultheiss <schultmc at>, Martin Michlmayr 
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> Le 2021-03-29 à 10:01, Michael Schultheiss a écrit :
>> Martin Michlmayr wrote:
>>> * Philippe Cloutier<chealer at>  [2021-03-27 13:11]:
>>>> I am sorry to inform you that the spi-general mailing list has visibly been
>>>> unreachable, for at least 40 hours. I personally sent a mail to
>>> I noticed the same problem recently and opened a ticket but so
>>> received no reply.
>>> I'm worried thatboard at  doesn't work since it's (IIRC) also
>>> a mailing list; copying Stephen and Michael directly.
>> This should now be resolved - apologies for the delay in responding due
>> to issues with the list software.
> Thank you very much Michael. Thanks also to Martin Michlmayr, and to 
> Robert Brockway for acknowledging reception of my report.
> Although it is clear that Michael's actions have helped, I am 
> unfortunately under the impression that this issue is not fully fixed 
> yet. From the replies which reached me, I can't explain why the 
> following still don't show on spi-general's archives:
>  1. Michael Schultheiss's 2021-03-29 9:52 "Re: [SYSADM #4825]
>     AutoReply: Issue #17: spi-general mailing list unreachable"
>  2. Michael Schultheiss's 2021-03-29 9:58 "Re: [SYSADM #4825]
>     AutoReply: Issue #17: spi-general mailing list unreachable"
>  3. Michael Schultheiss's 2021-03-29 10:01 "Re: Issue #17: spi-general
>     mailing list unreachable", to which this mail replies
>  4. Robert Brockway's 2021-03-31 03:45 "Re: Issue #17: spi-general
>     mailing list unreachable"
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Philippe Cloutier

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